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Melanie Shobha

Licensed Counsellor (Malaysia)

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Counsellor in Kuala Lumpur- Psychological and Counselling services Malaysia- Melanie Shobha

I am Melanie Shobha, a registered licensed counsellor. I  began my career in counselling volunteering with NGOs and telephone helpline. I have worked with children, teens and adults. I am passionate about my work and like to help people who are stuck at some point of their life.

I take clients only by appointments.  As a Therapist, I am here to look into your needs, provide a safe and secured environment with assured confidentiality and positive regard

My Approach




Aspire to Inspire. Reach for your dreams, get help if you are stuck at some point in your life.


At some time in our lives, we all might feel stuck, lost, stressed, or depressed. It could be due to many events like studies, work, illness, midlife crisis, old age or any other personal crisis. At that time, we don't know why we feel a certain way. Talking can help us to release our emotions and frustrations. The right help at that moment is very important to show us a path or some light in life.


Do not hesitate to look for help! As a Therapist, I am here to listen empathetically, provide a safe and secure environment with assured confidentiality and positive regard. We will work together, to achieve your goals using your own choices which will enable you to smoothly go through difficult times.

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